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also medicinal mushrooms, psychodelic and illegal. but now some doctors are giving them for healing. and emotions run high as the koran burning controversy takes a bizarre new twist. this is 9news now. talk about a wild evening of back and forth over plans by a florida minister to burn the koran on 9/11. >> he dropped a bit of a bomb shell late this afternoon saying there was a deal to move the ground zero mosque in new york in exchange for his agreement to call off the koran burning. >> okay. so now it appears there is no such deal and the question is the burning back on? gary nurenberg has the latest on this rapidly changing story. gary. >> reporter: watching -- let me try that again. watching this evening the decision on the pastor to burn the koran in florida has been watching the u.s. open. it's on, it's off, it's on, it's off. tonight it's on hold. starting this afternoon when controversial pastor terry jones announced what he called a deal
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with those planning an islamic center near ground zero. >> they have agreed to move the mosque. we have agreed to cancel our event on saturday. >> reporter: the reputed deal was made but they responded there is no deal. jones came out again. >> so i don't feel tricked. i was lied to. >> reporter: later still. >> now we're in somewhat of a state of limbo. >> reporter: john vohl for muslim christian understanding on freedom of worship placing a mosque near ground zero, burning the koran, freedom of speech. >> when one judges the validity of actions done within the framework of that freedom in terms of what is the harm that is done. >> reporter: the islamic center near ground zero. >> the sensitivities of some people are hurt. there are people who feel that it is too close to the world
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trade center and, therefore, it does not recognize the sensitivities of the victims. however, the burning of the koran, something that could cause the death of american citizens. >> reporter: the defense department took that threat so seriously the secretary of defense called jones today to try to dissuade him. so on or off? we should find out tomorrow. maybe. derek and anita. >> thanks, gary. i appreciate it. also new tonight, the threat to burn the muslim holy book has brought out all sorts of people out of the woodwork. a church has decided it would like a piece of the action. they say if jones backs off his promise, they'll happily torch some because they hate muslims as well as gays. >> the west borrow church is saying they are well known for
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saying homosexuality is wrong. carnage the tonight. >> a woman walked in and opened fire. after the shooting she called 911 on her cell phone from inside and turned herself in. no word. again, we do believe two people have been killed. officers say about 100 were in the plant at the time of the shooting. all have now cleared out. craft hasn't released a statement so far and we don't even know for sure if the shooter is, in fact, an employee. new at 11:00, don't ask, don't tell. i don't buy it says a federal judge in southern california. tonight that judge has declared the pentagon's ban on openly gay unconstitutional and she has granted a request for the don't ask, don't tell policy. meantime, there are disturbing allegations tonight about yet another sexual assault allegedly committed by a metro access driver. now, metro access provides transportation to people who have special needs and can't take the bus or train.
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our andrea mccarren reports on this latest incident. >> reporter: 59-year-old samual kingsz ton is charged with sexually -- kingston is charged with sexually assaulting one of his female passengers. he is employed by challenger transportation. the victim alleges that kingston attacked her in montgomery county. the allegations have surprised those that know him in his neighborhood. >> we don't really talk that much. but i was -- i was in shock. >> reporter: what i can say he's a very quiet person. i normally see him in the car right here. >> reporter: this latest incident comes two months after another access driver was accused of sexually assaulting a disabled passenger. he was employed by regency cab, another metro subcontractor. police believe he fled the country. two other metro access drivers
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were accused of sexually assaulting passengers earlier this year. metro officials say their contractors and subcontractors do their own background checks. the man arrested in this latest incident has been suspended pending the outcome of his case. well, new tonight, take a look at one nightmare of a fire. this is just south of san francisco and you're looking live at a crazy fire. it started apparently at one place but now people's homes are going up in flames one after another after another in a suburb called sam bruno. some of the blames are shooting 200 feet up in the air and it's apparently all being fueled by one broken natural gas main. neighbors reported hearing an explosion just before this blaze broke out. that has led to speculation of perhaps a plane crash since all of this is happening right near the san francisco airport but they're not missing aircraft. dozens, maybe hundreds of homes
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up in flames tonight. moving on to the wildfire going on in colorado, the flames have already devoured 170 homes there. right now they show no sign of letting up. one big problem, the wind? it's gusting up to 60 miles an hour threatening to drive the fire from the foot hills of boulder straight into the heart of the city. well, closer to home tonight, at least four families sleeping in strange beds forced out of their own places. you can blame that on a fire that spreads through their townhouse complex. now, this one broke out about noon today and today's windy weather sure didn't help. fortunately, though, everyone got out safely and big props to the firefighters themselves. they rescued some beloved pets, including a bird and several dogs. >> i'm thankful that my dogs are out. somebody caught the little one and they took her over there and they were holding her and they called me. >> we're glad they're out too. but that fire damaged five townhouses. they're still trying to figure out what caused it. tonight a special needs
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student is taking dc public schools and the chancellor to court because she says a former teacher got her pregnant. she is now 20 years old and is back at shadd transition academy trying to finish up her senior year. she alleges she had a five month long sexual relationship with 58-year-old robert weismiller. a paternity test proves he is the father of ear 10-month-old daughter. -- of her 10-month-old daughter. five teachers new about the relationship but never reported it. >> if this took place elsewhere in this city, if this took place in a private school in dc, it would have been dealt with immediately. and here you have a young woman who is most in need. it's why she's in the school in the first place. and she's taken advantage of and nobody helps her. >> reporter: the school put wise miller weismiller on leave once she became pregnant. the school system did not find
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him lible because she was 18 and they claim the sex was consensual. did the metro transit police department abandon one of its own? that is the question on the minds of 10s of thousands of people across the country tonight. >> officer paul ludwig died clutching the letter he thought promised him a decent pension. an injury and a cut got it by 70%. this forced the 58-year-old to lose his home and file for bankruptcy, all while he battled lung cancer. >> the officer lost that fight. but before he passed away, his grandson created a facebook page for him detailing the 20-year-old's battle with metro. that page was taken off. brittany morehouse joins us now from the 9news now web center. >> reporter: derek, some of those 64,000 friends right here on this website while they started out as strangers and quickly became friends and they have some stories themselves.
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we wanted to reach out to them through facebook, and these are just a small sample of the kind of reactions we got to officer ludwig's story. >> i was just on the site. i think in the last hour and a half or two hours, i've read one from poland, china. >> so she wore a memorial pen with officer ludwig's name. i'm just appalled. i'm absolutely appalled with metro. >> i read this part where they cut his pension and i thought excuse me. they did what? >> it's just one more thing -- like i said, it makes it very real when you see this happen to somebody in an already bad situation. >> we call each other sicz. >> it's a sad story. no one should have to go through this. no one. >> i put my phone number and e-mail out there to reach out to
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these people, and i boshtion i my -- and, boy, my inbox was full. we want to let people share their thoughts on our website. we have a story printed up there and there is a place we post comments and we'll pass that along to metro. >> brittany, thank you. he had a hearing scheduled for mediation in all of this. it was scheduled for august 9th of this year. he died on august 10th. >> we did contact metro, but they declined to talk to us about it. they also declined why metro officials promised over and over again that he would get that pension for life. here is the response to the lawsuit. deny, deny, deny on all counts. still ahead tonight, troubling accusations in the dc mayoral race. is fenty buying votes? >> plus why some doctors are now giving hallucinogenic mushrooms to help people heal. that is coming up. and i'm meteorologist topper
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shutt. getting a little chilly out here. we'll take you out with the wakeup weather. getting the kids off to school, a cup of coffee. it will be chilly. 56-64. grab your sunglasses tomorrow and a sweater early on. we'll come back and talk about our drought watch and a look ahead to the forecast. i have an update. no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here.
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bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right. in tonight's health alert,
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yes, we are talking about psychodelic mushrooms sometimes called shrooms. as the medical marijuana debate continues, little is known about this substance used to get high that is being tested for medicinal use. >> in college we all knew people who did lots of things. and it was never something that appealed to me. why would i do it at 56? >> but judith did experience two hallucinogenic and life changing twists with psychodelic shrooms. at age 56 and not at a club or a concert but in a hospital. >> a lot of blue color. i saw all of us as an expression of the divine. it was visually very beautiful. it was golden and glittering and we were all there. >> judith is taking part at a
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study at johns hopkins in baltimore using psilocybin, a compound that exploded in the 60s and is still abused by some to get high. by judith is here because she had kidney cancer and the surgery to take out the advanced tumor left her physically debilitated and depressed. >> we have a study in which we're en rolling cancer patients who have anxiety or depression secondary to their cancer diagnosis. we're investigating whether psilocybin can occasion that have beneficial effects. >> the doctor started this research back in 2006. volunteers who have tried it report drastic changes to mood and well-being that last for well over a year after they took the psilocybin. and they rang it among the -- rank it among the most meaningful things they experience in their lives. >> enormously helpful. i'm very happy to say. >> now, we do have an information about how to get involved with that study on our website. we also contacted several
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anti-drug organizations and rehab facilities, and their america gave us their only response on this. unless and until mushrooms receive fda approval, it's very risky to be treating anybody with them. tomorrow morning at 6:12, we're going to explain exactly what happens physically to the test subject when they take the mushroom compound and the one thing almost all these volunteers have in common. tonight, this man of the white suits and the tasty fingers, colonel sanders would be 121 years old today. but usa today reports that sanders is more myth than man to the 25-year-olds out there. to them this prince of poultry is about as real as a burger king. or perhaps some even less savory characters. so let's be real. harland sanders was born in indiana in 1890 and by the age of 40 he was serving folks his
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soon to be famous chicken out of a gas station in kentucky. over the next decade, he would perfect those 11 herbs and spices. his food so finger licking good, he was actually dubbed a connecticut colonel by the governor. and by the 60s, kentucky fried chicken was everywhere. in 1964, he sold out for $2 million. now, recently they've taken to calling themself of kfc and many of us never knew about the real life colonel. now they say they want to bring him back, but i have questions like what did he wear after labor day and more importantly what would he think of these. [ laughing ] >> and anita. >> no, he would not be a nugget guy. >>. [ laughing ] >> and i have some questions for you. you know the colonel is or was real, right? >> so you say. >> what about these folks? between ms. fields, aunt jemima,
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which was not a real person. >> aunt jemima. >> that is the right answer. she was part of a song and the name was taken by the guy who was making the breakfast stuff. >> but the others were real? >> the others were real person, including sara lee by the man who came out with the original products. >> i don't want to seem old but i ran into the colonel many years ago. >> he did exist. >> he did. >> he's dead now. thank you, derek, for clarifying. moving on to weather. >> that's why 25-year olds don't remember. and i can't remember if it was before or after labor day, but he did have all white on. here is the forecast. >> weather, there we go. >> spectacular next three days. upper 70s tomorrow. near 80 on saturday. and, yes, we have clouds coming in saturday but it will stay dry for the maryland game. and then some showers. maybe a thunderstorm. more likely showers on sunday. and temperatures in the upper 70s to near 80s.
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but the good news is it appears the showers will be out of here before kickoff on sunday evening at fedex. all right. friday break down, you're going to need your sunglasses and sweaters tomorrow morning. 62 to start. and that's a downtown temperature. we're talking low 50s in the bushes. low 70s by -- burbs. low 70s by supper time. the government has issued a drought watch for the entire metro area. if you go to the website, you can see this map on my blog. severe drought, culpeper in extreme drought. in fact, they have a burning ban until further notice. still abnormally dry from the district eastward to the bay. so really everybody should watch water consumption and do not burn anything. vegetation soil is very dry. not so much a water table problem. clear and cool over night. keep the ac off. lows in the 50s. winds northwest at ten. and then by morning mostly sunny, breezy and cool. sweater and sunday glazs --
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sunglasses necessary. winds will become northwest 10-15 late in the morning. by afternoon still spectacular. high temperatures upper 70s. winds north, northwest at 10-15. high temps then on friday 78 in rockville. 78 in college park. and 78 over in reston. 79 over in alexandria. zone forecast 60s west of the divide but 70s in cumberland. upper 70s downtown. 77 in annapolis and there is a small craft advisory for the bay and tidal potomac. next seven days, upper 70s tomorrow. fantastic finish. 80 on saturday. it will stay dry for the terps. and then on sunday, 79. some showers in the morning. there is a national -- >> triathlon. >> nation's triathlon. i think a little problem. >> we can bike in the rain. >> okay. and then it should be dry for the game. and then beautiful monday through thursday. >> thanks, top. i don't know about you guys,
11:20 pm
i kind of miss southeast jerome. >> gonna get you. he's going to prove portis is not accurate. a year ago he seemed like he was under but under mike shanahan he has been reborn. plus the latest installment of the good, the bad and the ugly is on the way. sports -- i'm stalling. nextment !%
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citing gray's leadership and efforts to pass education reform and expand early childhood education. vince gray -- he cares. he listens. he'll be a leader we can trust and the mayor we need for one city. it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> mike shanahan hasn't called a single play for the redskins yet, but already he's accomplished something the previous regime couldn't fire. he put the fire back into clinton portis's belly. and that's a good thing. he seems, i don't know, uninspired last year. portis didn't want to practice. his weight was up.
11:24 pm
his quickness was down and he appeared to be on the downslope of his career. but under shanahan, he seems to be revitalized. he's fit again, quick again and out to prove that at 29 he has more pro bowl years ahead of him. >> i think i know what i'm capable of doing. and i think the world knows what i'm capable of doing. so i have to go out and find a way to lead this team and see how i'm still here. although you all want me to be forgotten about. i'm still here. >> that he is. meanwhile just when you thought dan snyder was taking a lower profile in the ownership of the franchise, we see this on tv tonight. schneider and jerry jones co-starring in a papa johns pizza commercial. let's just say it may be the best advertising dominos ever got. team usa advancing to the semifinals of the world championships today. and it happened 38 years to the day after russia beat the u.s.
11:25 pm
us. the refs for those of you kind of stole that game from the americans back. they play lithuania. speaking of the semis, raphael taken out in the quarters tonight. federer now one win away from meeting in the final. they would be the only two men in history to meet in the finals of all four swings. with that, it is time for our weekly look at the excellent and the not so excellent in the world of sports. the good, the bad and the ugly for nine september. we start with the good. foul ball here. knocks the b right out of jackie robinson's name in the ring of honor. and this fan catches the b. and he got to leave with that b, which is great if his name is bob. he can hang that up. but if his name is steve, not as useful. best quote, world number three
11:26 pm
novak chase this down. some people wanted to hit it between the leg shot. that's why he didn't. >> do you have that tweener shot between your legs? >> no, i have something else between my legs. [ laughing ]. >> he puts the joke in it. >> i don't think he was joking. [ laughing ] >> maybe you know something about him that i don't know. here is the bad. worse use of practice time. the miami dolphins interrupted training camp to look for a diamond earring. why was he wearing a diamond earring during practice. it was three karats worth 30 grants. >> did they find it? >> i don't know. i'll find that out. worst day of dc united trying to clear this ball. look at it. they put it right in the net. that was the easiest. as they say on a seven discount airline, want to get away. dc united to stay the least.
11:27 pm
here is the ugly. worst craftsmanship whoever made the glove because the short step would have made the -- shortstop would have made the play. it's kind of heavy to get it all the way over there. finally worst pregame introductions. the detroit lions coming out of the tunnels. they got the kids lined up to give the players high fives. but louise comes out with his back to the crowd, does not see the kids and mows down five kids. >> oh, no. >> nothing like an 8-year-old getting crushed by the safety. the kids were fine. and they'll probably remember that. hey, remember he killed me. [ laughing ] >> i'm not going to wash the jersey ever. >> we'll be right back, everyone.
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happy birthday, colonel sanders. that's 9news for tonight. thanks for staying up. >> don't forget you can always go to for the latest
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